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Wildomar Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine - Reenaben Patel, M.D.​

Wildomar Family Medicine - Reenaben Patel, M.D.​

Family Medicine

Providing comprehensive medical care to you and your family. We believe in family first.
Wildomar Internal Medicine - Reenaben Patel, M.D.​

Internal Medicine

Diagnosing and treating conditions that affect a woman’s physical and emotional wellbeing.
Wildomar Geriatric Medicine - Reenaben Patel, M.D.​

Geriatric Medicine

Delivering the highest quality of care to our seniors for the prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities.

About Dr. Reenaben Patel, M.D.'s Practice

Dr. Reenaben Patel’s medical office has one desire: to help you achieve all your health goals. Dr. Patel provides the following specialties: Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Geriatric Health and Family Health.

Dr. Patel is an experienced and highly skilled physician who can diagnose and treat most health conditions. Her practice is also focused on preventive medical care, meaning she will do everything to help patients avoid future health problems.

Dr. Patel is a qualified healthcare professional, and she understands that patient care does not involve only diagnosing the symptoms and treating them. Her patients are assessed for their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional needs as pat of her whole person treatment plan.

Dr. Patel & her team work hard to provide the best possible care for you and your family members in Wildomar, CA.

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept Medicare Advantage Plans, most PPO plans, as well as the HMO plans provided by AetnaAlignment HealthcareAnthem BlueCrossAnthem BlueShield CaliforniaBrand New DayCignaHealth NetHumanaScan Health Planand United Healthcare.

If you do not see your plan and would like to speak with one of our team members to check coverage, please contact us!

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